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Reviewed by fedor8 1 / 10

A cautionary tale about what happens when you leave a blonde in charge of a business. Oink.

Ever since the appearance of mobile phones, horror-movie writers have had the headache of trying to neutralize the phone as a source of obvious and easy help for people threatened by psychopaths, demons or zombies. The by now pretty laughable "I have no signal" cop-out plot-device is the one most commonly used, so I will give this movie credit for at least trying something else, a new way to solve the fairly unsolvable phone dilemma.

However, that "something else" is even dumber than not having a signal for no reason: it's UNWILLINGNESS to call for help! Yes, my dear readers (all five of you), the movie's sanitary team has opportunities – time and time again – to call the cops, yet they don't. The first time, it's Frank refusing to "endanger the business" by calling the cops. "How are we going to get any work done with cops crawling all over the place?" he says moronically, baffling every sane and/or intelligent viewer. But it's not really fictional Frank's fault; it's the writer who underwent a cheap lobotomy, probably performed by the same Nazi surgeons from this movie, before he undertook the – for his lobotomized self - impossible task of writing an intelligent, original script.

But silly me. Why do I automatically assume that there was any intention to create something intelligent, let alone original? V2 is a collection of abandoned-building clichés we've all seen before, many times – and done much better than in this fairly lame Norwegian flick. Take any "old sanitarium in ruins" movie and in all likelihood it has all the same shticks as this one: abandoned gloomy rooms, mysterious basements, bizarre drawings on walls, little mutant children running through corridors, illegal human experiments, and other never-before-seen clichés.

Going back to the infamous mobile phones, the second chance that presents itself to call the cops results in yet another mystifyingly dumb decision not to. This time it's the blond boss who decides that calling the police when faced with intruders and weird, illegal goings-on in a huge abandoned building is not a good idea. Third occasion? She leaves a worker behind – all alone – and tells him to call the cops only if she doesn't come back in 20 minutes. Predictably, he is the next in line to get axed by the bad guys. Literally every horror-film fan (even the most gullible ones with Alzheimer's) can predict that that phone-call simply wasn't going to ever happen, much less after those 20 minutes were up. The entire movie is predictable.

Now, why would the boss of a CLEANING company want to "test the waters", and play detective rather than leave that to professionals? Because, somehow, the company she works for will crumble if she calls the cops: a logic all of its own, existing in a separate world from ours. To cut a long story a little shorter, we've got a team of utter imbeciles here. They get a plethora of hints that something extremely vile is going on, yet they continue. "Yeah, I mean sure, there are some kind of insane homeless serial killers lurking about, but let's try to finish our job here first, and THEN worry about them. Who knows, they might even not kill us all by the time we finish in 3 days." That's what this nonsense amounts to. And that's the main reason the film is idiotic. Suffice it to say, they find a half-dead man hanging on a ceiling – yet refuse to call the authorities for assistance. I was half-expecting them to get attacked by flying vampires and then say "no, flying vampires is really no reason to bother the police for".

There are so many stupid decisions made by these moronic characters, and unrealistic moments. At one point there are three of them huddled in the building – knowing full-well by that point they're in extreme danger – yet what is their course of action? Do they perhaps LEAVE the building, as any sensible person would? Not really. In fact, the blonde female boss decides to leave her wounded, shocked, bewildered, totally helpless female worker alone while she chases the fat blond guy – who quite sensibly decided to make a run for it (and then predictably got punished for his "cowardice" but getting his ass whooped). Predictably, the abandoned female worker gets snatched by one of the building's numerous medically-trained zombies.

The tendency for a group of in-danger humans to split up in individual campaigns in a maze-like object, rather than stay together, is one of the most annoying and least convincing horror-flick clichés of all times. I wish they'd finally write a script without that crap. But that's like expecting Sean Penn to win a Nobel Prize in Physics.

Reviewed by Flow 4 / 10

Bad. Bad. Bad.

Nothing to do with Villmark 1 !! They barely managed to make a small and quite insignificant connection to it, but that's all, just so they can take advantage of the name and get some attention.

If you read the plot, you'll realize you know the movie, you've seen it before, many times and this right here brings nothing new. It's a horror movie in an old building, apparently abandoned but not quite, where people start to get missing or even...dead!

And this is all. From head to toes, nothing more than what so many other similar productions brought on screen so many times before. Can't believe I was excited to see this. Anyway, the movie itself, as a stand alone is still a weak production in my opinion. I will not recommend it.


Reviewed by Christian Andersson 3 / 10

Pretty straightforward horror with a too thin story line

The 10 first minutes of the film, I just smiled. I all built up for good expectations, and I thought... wow... this one may be really good. But in the end, I was disappointed. A pretty straightforward horror-film, but unfortunately too much focus on deep, dark and eerie sound effects (Stormdrum2?)and a few good looking visuals that could not bear up the whole movie.

Some camera visuals and angles of the old sanitarium was really nice, but after having seen those camera angles repeat a couple of times, without much of a good story, it became more and more obvious that the film builds around sound effects, and a few visual impressions. The story itself felt a bit too weak. The constant running and stumbling through watery tunnels and dark corridors becomes boring already 30% into the film. And it felt like the rest of the film was more or less the same thing. I waited all the time for a good story to unfold, but never really got that feeling.

Film characteristics, compared to other horror films: Blairwitch project - running wildly in the dark. Alien - people equipped in environmental protections suits wandering dark corridors. The Shining - an old sanitarium looking very much like that big eerie hotel.

About the actors: They did an OK job, but couldn't save the film and the thin story as a whole from a low grade.

Summary: Would I recommend this as being an OK horror film to watch if you have nothing better to do? Not really.

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