Visible Scars


Action / Thriller

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Jillian Murray as Stacy Walker
Tom Sizemore as Mike Gillis
Hanna Hall as Becky Comfort
Jon Van Ness as Henry Downs
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Tahnik Mustasin 5 / 10

Amazing plot given to a wrong director

The Starting of the movie was literally amazing. But at the end of the director literally destroyed the whole movie.

I was Really hoping something good from this movie. But my expectations were ended in smoke.

I think the director was just wanting to release it and earn some money. If he really worked on the movie it would be a very good movie.

The gore scenes were very bad. It was like i'm watching a movie from 1960.

I think Mama was a very good movie. Director should learn from that movie.

Reviewed by Joe Newman 4 / 10

hilarious, perfect for the background of a party

If you want a horror movie that is a perfect example of so bad its good, this is it. This movie was $1.60 and it was worth every penny. The dialogue is line a minute hilarious and quotable, the story is awful but still better than some mainstream horrors, the acting isn't that horrendous but still pretty b-level. The most ridiculous flaws that stood out actually were the wardrobe decisions! the main detective's outfits always seemed several sizes too small and his ties were never done right. People wore wigs that had absolutely no reason to be wearing wigs and just the entire cast all looked strange and unnatural.

This whole thing was all just a big basket of poorly made crap that is absolutely enjoyable til the totally shitty end.

watch it.

this has been a review of Visible Scars.

Reviewed by icruz_55 2 / 10


The movie was a big piece of cow (mixed in with horse) manure. Can't believe I wasted 1:42 watching this. It's like a made for TV movie: a bit slow paced, not too bloody, acting was a bit bland, the story background on one of the characters almost nonexistent, and the fact that the "scarring" was hardly noticeable (or believable as to how it was acquired), I could handle all that - BUT as you near the ending I think the editing department saw that it was too long, and ended up chopping the final scenes into disconnected pieces, leaving you with a sense of what just happened? It could've been a nice little movie, if they had put a little more effort into the last half of it. In other words written an ending that made some sense. There are a lot of good examples out there to learn from, like the reviewer Tahnik stated referring to "Mama" as one. So let's hope things improve in the future.

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