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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MAShead07 2 / 10

Far-fetched, guns and blood

This film is saturated with absurdity, in an attempt to wow audiences with special effects they have already seen countless times in the likes of Die Hard and Bourne. Nothing new in this film, just a number of Hollywood cliché's, including the sob story told by a narrator in the third person, which ultimately turns out to be their own sob story, and even the Star Wars idea of the central character seeking to avenge their father's death, only for the villain to say "No, I am your father".

The rest of the plot comprises of special effects, absurdity (laughing AT not WITH the film), excessive blood and shooting and swearing and achieves nothing by doing so. James McAvoy totally lets himself down in this role- he was brilliant in "Last King of Scotland", but doesn't do himself justice as soon as he starts speaking in a pretty naff American accent. His character isn't that believable, and his excessive swearing makes him more unrealistic, instead of realistic. The rest of the cast, including veteran Morgan Freeman, are paper-thin characters, which also lets them down as actors. As the characters die, it is difficult to be upset as you barely know them or sympathise with them.

Although there were some interesting twists in the end, they fail to salvage a film that's only purpose was to try and lure people in with mindless violence, blood and bad language with very little substance. The script is also quite poor, like many modern action films. In my view, this is trying to outdo Goodfellas in violence, bad language and blood, but otherwise would fail miserably in competing on the scale of quality and credibility. A further demonstration of unoriginality in Hollywood film-making.

Reviewed by magicmark 5 / 10

As Dumb As It Gets

The last line of this movie asks, "What the f-word have you done lately?" If you didn't immediately answer, "I just spent two hours watching a really dumb movie" then you must be an easily impressed video game enthusiast. Some interesting visuals aside, it's movies like this that give the term "comic book movie" a bad reputation. Unexplained gravity defying flipping cars, curving bullets and rat bombs just push the envelope too far in to the land of the absurd. The easily spotted plot turn does help but the rather uninspiring cartoon action just sinks it. Too many "WTF?" moments in both the action and the plot to enjoy this movie unless you really relate to a frustrated nobody stuck in a dead-end job and you want to fantasize about becoming an assassin. I can't figure out what was worse, the few Matrix type rip offs or the bizarre Rocky type killer training session? Also, how did they manage to make Angelina Jolie so unattractive? Not only does she look anorexic but add in the God awful tattoos and there is NOTHING sexually appealing about the character.

Ridiculous, un-inspired action mixed with possibly the dumbest plot of any movie this century means Wanted is one to avoid at all cost.

Reviewed by uniiq 9 / 10

WANTED: The Matrix with a great sense of humor.

I am a huge fan of Mark Millar's Wanted. And so, when I entered the theater with a friend on an advance screening pass (comic book store owners are very nice people to befriend), fear gripped me. It HAS to suck...right? It's Hollywood...and a "loose" adaptation...

And so, once the credits rolled, and I was one of the many people laughing and clapping, the fear had long passed.

The films works. It provides the amazing opiate of style and dark humor, and in such massive quantities that both evoke the spirit of the source material and utterly ignore the latter 90% of the graphic novel. But that independent streak works for Wanted. You feel a sense of amused wonder and curiosity throughout, and all the plot twists that follow are different enough from the source to actually hold your attention without ever being prematurely obvious.

James McAvoy does an excellent job, and his wry, sarcastic narration sets the mood of the film perfectly. His evolution from pansy to Neo has a genuine and pleasantly arrogant feel to it, although the stereotypical Rocky-esquire training montage is used to speed things up a bit (what a tiresome tool). Basically, his version of a cinematic Neo is both smarter, more entertaining, and more intelligent.

Backing him up, more with sexy looks and an "I'm too cool for you; you're not Brad" attitude than anything, is Angelina Jolie. Her character screams Trinity. And loudly. Regardless, watching her on-screen is a pleasure. She's terribly likable, and extremely lethal throughout.

Morgan Freeman's Morpheus, called Sloan here, is played well, although the role is a bit beneath his skill as an actor. He makes it work though, playing the wizened and mature helper very well. More importantly, he delivers an excellent (and unexpected) line that rivals Samuel L. Jackson's memorable expression from Snakes on a Plane. That alone makes any price of admission worthwhile.

Any other character serves as nothing more than white noise, there to populate the world rather than intrigue.

The theme of Wanted is all about taking charge of your life and making your own choices, something that the very premise of the first hour of the film both adheres to and contradicts. Rather than analyze it here (and waste time arguing the pleasantly mad logic of a movie where bullets bend stylishly), I'll leave that to the people who inevitably will, assuming the bullet-fu and gore don't completely captivate them (and they should). Wanted IS violent, truly, and yet it doesn't strive to turn every frame into a gory, action-packed orgasm. The film handles it with grace and a style I sorely wish more action movies took into consideration.

As bullets curve, heads get punctured, hilarity ensues, and rats explode (peanut butter rocks, BTW), you'll smile besides yourself.

This really isn't a superhero comic adaptation...it's The Matrix with a great sense of humor.

Enjoy it.

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