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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by reelhead 9 / 10

testicles not included...

There are a lot of postings about this being a "guy" movie, or needing a "pair of testicles" to enjoy it. Let me tell you about this film from a woman's point of view. I loved it! It rocked. I am older than the usual crowd for this film, at 35. I went on a Friday night, at the 10:20 show, and the theater was dead as can be! I was thrilled! I had a great view of some amazing car chases, great motorcycle stunts, and hot guys fighting - what could be better? The acting was good, for this genre, but if you are looking for Oscar nods, look elsewhere. If you like a good kick butt film - this one is for you - no matter what is between your legs. There was a lot of T&A, but that is par for the course for this type. In fact, my date thought it was too complicated for him....Seriously - if you like action and real stunts - not the CG stuff, this one's for you.

Reviewed by tabuno 9 / 10

A Really Specular Action Film On Second Thought

"War" is a serious, sophisticated, powerful action-thriller with a decent plot and good performances, especially by Jet Li. The sound effects, music, and action work together to rip the tension down off the screen. This is wonderful example of no-nonsense, make do without the stupid jokes and rapport and focus on the methodical psyche on both on the part of the characters on the screen and the audience. Unfortunately, the accumulation of weak spots and a rather abrupt and discordant ending almost ruin this movie. There is one scene where Jet Li's actions as a master assassin is sorely tests credibility by how easily he is discovered and almost caught and there is a another scene where Jet Li's facial expression is caught revealing something other than the stoic, stern look in the most obvious scene as if to say let's try to show the audience that he's really OK. Chang's wife, the Chinese Triad, in the scene which she has an opportunity to speak to Jet Li alone seems incredibly amateurish, unpolished as a performance, almost droning artificial from the rest of the movie. While there is great action and fighting in this movie, there is one fight scene where it becomes so furious, even in the beginning, that it's impossible to follow what is happening to whom whereby the story gets jumbled and collapses partially - becoming fighting for fighting sake whereas a great director would have been able to save the plot outline even in this complicated and physically well-executed stretch of the movie. Jason Statham's seems to have martial arts skills above his job classification which make it sometimes a bit incredible, but still enjoyable. By the time the twist comes along, it's actually quite a nice one, but not executed with the greatest of credibility, it just doesn't seem plausible that it could have happened the way it did. Finally, the ending just isn't as well done as the rest of the movie, it just seems to lose power somewhat and end abruptly without a sense of cinematic satisfaction. These critical comments do not however sufficiently take away from the movie to transform it into a bad or even mediocre movie. This is overall a good, compelling, and rather complicatedly sublime movie. This movie is rich with action, sound with its characters that sometimes plays out as a psychological thriller and Shakespearean caliber. It could have, however, been a really great movie.

As an update to my first review one day short eight years ago and after seeing this movie twice in two days, I have come away with a quite different opinion of this movie. The originally perceived weaknesses of this movie appear in fact to be more based on my impulsive misperceptions and inattention on my part the first go around. Daniel Craig in Casino Royale (2006) and even Matt Damon in The Bourne Identity (2002) made the swift and calculated reflexive escape routine popularized and believable on screen, so to Jet Li as Rogue offers similar moves. In some ways, Jet Li even excels at the shorter and thus more believable fighting/chase scenes than either of the other two spy movies. Rogue is a much more complex, layered character and instead of a simple black and white, two-dimensional character Jet Li portrays a more human yet controlled and proficient murder machine instead of my initial "amateurish" description. Compared to the contemporary excess of martial art fighting scenes, War comparatively uses less explicit, shorter and less extraordinary, but nevertheless relative realistic martial art moves making War come across with more emotive and cerebral impact than most spy/assassin movies. Finally, the climatic ending diverts away from the typical, traditional ending and using an amazing twist, offers a quite satisfying and rather unique conclusion to this movie. Jason Statham is well cast in a difficult role, making the audience really appreciate the movie. This movie stands out because of its stellar casting against type in a way that become the underlying nature of the film. The only problem, if it is one, is the omission of a gritty, raw texture that Casino Royale projected off the screen.

Reviewed by wplanejr 9 / 10

"War"--The title gives it away

If you walk into a movie theater showing "War" and expect to be dazzled by some thought-provoking paragon of acting destined to change the way the world thinks about film and culture, you're either an idiot or an idealist. It's called "War" because that's what it is, a bullet festival with some sideshow martial arts.

"War" was designed only to be a brutal, dazzling death picture, and it delivers handsomely. There's scarcely 10 minutes at a stretch that lacks any appreciable action sequences, and the end result leaves more dead Asians than WWII. There are some truly insane displays of gunplay and a handful of inventive deaths (my favorites include a hubcap to the skull). Jason Statham delivers a pretty good performance, considering that this is really designed for pure blood-and-guts glory, and Jet Li is as impressive now as he was in "Romeo Must Die" and "Kiss of the Dragon" (thank GOD he hasn't retired). The plot's also not as simplistic as it needs to be, and it includes several plot twists (yet it never quite seems too convoluted, thankfully).

If you want to see War, be ready for it. Know that you'll go in looking for a mountain of bodies, and you'll get precisely what you ask for. My only real complaint is the relatively abrupt ending-- after the many and close-together action sequences, it downshifts pretty quickly, and leaves you wishing there was still a half hour left.

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