War for the Planet of the Apes


Action / Adventure / Drama / Sci-Fi / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 93%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 85%
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Woody Harrelson as The Colonel
Judy Greer as Cornelia
Andy Serkis as Caesar
Toby Kebbell as Koba
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sswilkinson 1 / 10

No, it's not really thought provoking, or a very good film at all.

I've seen the original Planet of the Apes with Charlton Heston and Roddy McDowell, I've seen the remake with Tim Roth, I've seen thousands of films during my life. War for the Planet of the Apes seemed to me as simply a showcase for the digital ape effects.

It's full of closeups of different digital ape faces against a blurry background. Af if it's 1957 and we should be marveling at new Disneyland animatronic characters. It's full of distant shots of digital chimps scurrying around. That's most of the movie.

What people are saying is thought provoking, is a simple illustration of two groups in conflict. Draw comparisons to Nazis and Jews, black and white, Shia and Shi'ite, slave and slave owner. The same "thought provoking" questions arise.

The only difference here is that it's put into a science fiction context - what if apes were as smart as humans? Well, what if cats were? Or squirrels? Had this been an action film, I'd say OK, it's an action movie and it's fine. But it isn't. It has some action, but is not an action film. It's mostly a very slow moving, dull, inarticulate drama.

Inarticulate in two ways. A lot of the apes use sign language instead of speech, and the script is not clever or intellectual. A few flashes of well written dialog come up during an exchange between the Colonel (Woody Harrelson) and Caesar (digital ape) and that's all there is. Less than five minutes. The rest of the dialog is mainly focused on vengeance and war or merciful understanding. There's no complexity or intellectual stimulation here.

I'm shocked that nearly all professional film critics give this movie a high rating and praise. Perhaps they all received $5,000 checks from the film studio.

Reviewed by ctc5030 1 / 10

beautifully filmed non-existent plot and unrelatable characters plus a bunch of nonsense

I enjoyed the first few minutes of fighting in the forest and the rest of the movie is just insufferable. Nothing makes much sense and the pacing is so slow that I almost dosed off for a while. The good cinematography and CGI does not make up for the lack of a decent plot and forced character build-up.

One example is that the little girl did not give a sh*t when she discovered that her father (who supposedly risked everything escaping from the military to protect and care for her) had been killed by the apes but later was clearly moved to tears by the death of one of apes who's been round and for a few days and gave her a flower one time (maybe daddy just never put flowers in her hair and that's like her thing?). I guess the writers' reasoning is that Caesar and the apes are the good guys, and the girl's father tried to kill them, so he must be a bad guy, so no sympathy for him, oh no no no, not even from his own daughter, who needs to be on the good side later, because plots! So you can see how this kind of character development successfully makes me unable to empathize with any of the characters in this movie (to be honest, I did feel for the girl's dad, poor guy).

Perhaps the most irritating thing is the messy way the apes communicate with each other. While most of them seem to be fluent with sign languages and occasional 'O-O-' noise that makes them 'apish', Caesar and a few other main characters can also speak some English with broken grammar. Sometimes Caesar speaks English to apes that only do signs and they seem to understand it (then why don't they just speak English themselves or why don't Caesar just use sign language which others are more comfortable with?). I know these things are there to make the movie more 'realistic' but they don't work and only add to more confusion and unnecessary suffering for the audience. Sometimes other apes sign to Caesar behind his back and he totally gets it without even looking at them! This kind of mixing up nonsensical things just makes my OCD explode, not to mention 90% of the movie is listening to this slow and boring enunciation of infantile broken English or reading subtitles.

I can go on, but I don't want to. I wish I had the courage to walk out of the theater half way through the movie but I was a coward and instead I weep for the future of cinema.

Reviewed by fkarpenko 1 / 10

Some of the worst writing I have ever seen

I was first reluctant to see this film when my friend invited me but after seeing that it has a whopping 8.1 rating and remembering that the previous films were quite enjoyable I was prepared to see a truly good movie. I was incredibly disappointed. **SPOILERS** My first trouble with the film happened with the appearance of the little girl, who seemed to serve absolutely no purpose other than to spontaneously cause tear- jerking moments which were accompanied by sad music in every instance. Throughout the film there must have been around 10 of these, all of them completely pointless and forced. It also baffled me that she had close to 0 reaction to her father dying yet, when a gorilla who she had known for literally one day died, she wept like it was her brother. Another massive problem is that the entire plot of this movie hinges on one condition: that every single person out of the ~1,000 soldiers at the concentration camp is a complete and utter imbecile. Caesar's crew is running around right outside of the walls of the camp? Of course no one notices, why would anyone be on over-watch at a military base? All of the monkeys escape from their cages? Of course there was only one person watching over them. In addition to that, for the duration of what seemed like 10 minutes no one else even noticed that all the monkeys were gone or that the single guard watching over them was killed. Are these real soldiers!? Even statistically, what are the chances that not a single soldier looked at a cage that is in plain view from any part of the camp. These were just the most glaring issues I had with the film. So little thought went into the script. These are incredibly basic problems which could have been fixed with even the slightest effort, This movie was so incredibly dumb that even my friend who doesn't have much interest in film asked me if I wanted to leave before the film was over.

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