War Pigs


Action / Drama / War

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Mickey Rourke as Major A.J. Redding
Dolph Lundgren as Captain Hans Picault
Luke Goss as Captain Jack Wosick
Ryan Kelley as William York
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by piet-hofmans 1 / 10

A disaster of a war movie

This must rank as one of the worst researched and acted war movies of recent years. US soldiers disheveled and unkempt, dirty dozen-like, an absolutely absurd scenario and on top of it all, no research as to uniforms and army traditions. Foreign Legion officers never wear or wore the kepi blanc and the character of the tooth-pick chewing long-haired US "colonel" complete with his cowboy hat is absolutely ridiculous. The acting is terrible throughout and full of boring stereotypes. One wonders if this is meant to be a war movie or a B-movie parody. 1 out of then 10 is too good for this disaster of a movie!

Reviewed by uncutfunk 7 / 10

Fun. Worth it. Watch it. Just don't expect Spielberg Production.

Let's face it - this movie is terrible. Crappy post production battle effects, terrible dialogue and clichéd characters. The pace is pretty slow and the story is obvious. Also I hadn't realized how messed up Mickey Rourke's face has gotten.

But this movie is fully aware of what it is.

Dolph Lundgren with a French accent? Hilarious. Even he finds it funny in his acting.

If you put aside your armchair IMDb film critic career and suspend your disbelief - this is not that bad a watch - along the lines of Dirty Dozen, or even Inglorious Basterds (okay it's no Tarantino movie but hey, in spirit) I actually enjoyed the movie as it went on. Also aside from some of the post production battle elements, they do a good job of using language, uniforms and some WWII era vehicles to lend a superficial air of authenticity.

But hey, don't listen to me or anyone else - watch it for yourself. Dolph speaking with a French accent is worth it alone.

Reviewed by vladosup 1 / 10

A very bad idea to watch this movie

Three stars is too much for this movie. Boring, boring, boring from the very beginning to the very end. Not realistic at all. Very bad acting and unappealing script.

You would expect at least something from big names like Mickey Rourke and Dolph Lundgren but there is nothing. They are not convincing what is even worse they all seem like a band of amateurs. None of the acting is anything more than high-school level.

If you expect any action in this war movie than it is almost nothing maybe ten minutes at all.

You could definitely spend your time in a much better way than watching this movie! It is really just a waste of time! A travesty of a war movie!

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