War Room


Action / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 35%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 90%
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Meg Crosbie as Church Member
Alex Kendrick as Coleman Young
T.C. Stallings as Tony Jordan
Ben Davies as Police Officer
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nzetzsche 10 / 10

what a blessing!!!!

For being a movie on such a low budget the acting was very convincing, the technical resources are good too, even though they're not the main focus on this movie but the plot and the story line are. It's an easy to understand and to relate story, a common problem: a family that is going through some struggles and problems. I have seen quite a few Christian movies and independently of their quality they all have been blessings in my life but I was particularly moved by this one since it does not have an all to subtle message which I love and whole hardheartedly believe we need more forward messages like that.. I feel so encouraged because it may be a fictional story but the facts are real and whoever knows the Lord knows the power of prayer and knows that our fight is in prayer... This is a powerful movie that should be shared with anyone and anywhere..

Reviewed by inczo 9 / 10

Great Movie

War Room is a movie about prayer in people's lives. The Trailers don't really do this movie justice, I didn't feel excited by them. The movie is well produced and the cinematography is well done. Christian and/or faith based films have had the stigma of being poorly made (TV drama story, unfocused camera, bad acting, pushy message, etc) but War Room actually does all these things right. The brothers who directed this movie and others have vastly improved over the previous films. The actors portray people that the audience can relate with and situations that people face in everyday life. The sharp cinematography was more akin to Downton Abbey than some Hallmark Channel or Lifetime Movie. This film was only slightly cheesy a times, but given it's PG rating this may have been to add humor or some element the whole family could react to in some sections. War Room is definitely worth the price of admission and entertaining throughout.

Reviewed by evilpinklolita 1 / 10

Absolutely horrible.

CAVEAT: My wife rented this through Netflix thinking it was about something completely different, namely, a military codebreaking movie. I am not a religious person anyway, so I would never have willingly chosen to watch this movie, but I agreed to watch it after she encouraged me to "keep an open mind." I take no issue with religious people or people who believe in prayer, but I think this movie taught the wrong message to anyone, religious or not. That said, I am now helping her choose the movies in our Netflix queue :)

First, the old woman should not have pushed her religious views on the realtor so hard. No religious person should be trying to force religion on others (Jehovah's Witnesses come to mind). The husband's abusive behavior and cheating toward the wife and daughter needed to be dealt with not through crying and prayer, but through counseling and/or divorce. The fact that the husband committed larceny, embezzlement, and fraud through his company, lost his job, lied about it, and somehow his wife not only didn't get angry, but instantly forgave him, made me puke a little in my mouth.

And the movie taught that prayer solves all one's problems in exactly the way one wants, which isn't what is taught in the Christian religion. A person has no responsibility toward solving his/her own issues in life; God will fix everything. That, plus the ridiculously over-the-top melodrama, makes this a must miss, even among the most evangelical sort.

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