Warm Bodies


Action / Comedy / Horror / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 80%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 73%
IMDb Rating 6.9 10 197600


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by acacia-ash23 8 / 10

Give it a try, it may surprise you!

This movie was great! I brought my friends and they thought it was going to be lame but they ended up loving it just as much as I did! Go see this movie, its adorable! I loved how its dark and gory in a cute way. This movie is funny, suspenseful, a little bit of a horror and romantic; its the perfect date movie! I don't get scared easily but this movie made me jump a few times... The whole movie i was entertained! I was very impressed with the way the make-up and hair team were able to make the zombies so realistic! R was very easy to relate with and this movie has a little bit of everything for everyone. I suggest going even if your a bit skeptic about it. Go out and see this movie!

Reviewed by rebecca-ry 8 / 10

Entertaining from start to finish

'Warm Bodies' is a fantastic film about a zombie named 'R' who falls in love with a human and tries his best to protect her from the rest of the zombies.

The plot is very strange but if you embrace its weirdness and eccentricity then it is brilliant. A lot of people have described it as being like Twilight except with zombies but it is far better – there's depth to the characters, a lot of really funny and embarrassing scenes but there is also a lot of really frightening parts which I did not expect. I am glad there were some scary moments, with zombies you expect a little scare here and there regardless of the genre but, I am surprised at the films' 12a rating. The plot is well paced and you're not bored or waiting for something interesting to happen – the film entertains you from start to finish.

Nicholas Hoult is brilliant in this; it must have been difficult to do this role – especially without blinking most of the time. It's good to see that he is making it in large popular films now because he fully deserves it. Theresa Palmer is also really good; it's nice to see a female lead have some humorous scenes for a change compared to the mind- numbingly dull Bella in Twilight. Dave Franco was also really good here but he was not in the film for very long which is a shame because he can be really funny.

Overall, this is a really funny film with a decent amount of horror included. If you are considering taking children between 8 and12 you should know that there are some pretty frightening scenes. There's a fairly small amount of gore but the 'boneys' can be quite scary – particularly towards the end. However, the film is really nice, funny and even heart-warming sometimes.

Reviewed by wolivernyc 8 / 10

Zombie Love Like You've Never Seen

Going into Jonathan Levine's (50/50, The Wackness) new film Warm Bodies, I was intrigued. I didn't know quite what I was going to get as the concept was fresh and unique.

Zombies have taken over, yet one zombie, named R, played wonderfully by Nicholas Hoult has a mind of his own and is not your typical zombie. He has a conscious mind at work, and soon he falls for a pretty girl named Julie (Teresa Palmer) that he encounters.

This is where the movie puts a twist on the whole zombie genre. He soon becomes enamored by her and becomes more human, as she has stimulated his heart. Can a zombie find solace with another person and...love? That is the main theme of this movie, and it's a damn good one.

Their chemistry will draw you in and actually make you buy it, no matter how ridiculous it is. R's friend, M, played hilariously by Rob Corddry steals the show with funny scene after funny scene.

With Warm Bodies you get a mix of comedy, romance, and zombie-horror. It's a fresh spin on all three, and it was truly a fun time at the theater. It's well paced and has a great feel to it from the get-go, mostly in part to wonderful narration from Holt, and smooth direction from Levine.

It's only February but I already found one of my early favorites of 2013.

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