We Are Still Here


Action / Horror

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 95%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 52%
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Lisa Marie as May Lewis
Barbara Crampton as Anne Sacchetti
Larry Fessenden as Jacob Lewis
Monte Markham as Dave McCabe
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by f-rabit 1 / 10

Get out of here!

This movie sucks big time. It's awful in all it's extension. The actors are horrible...all of them. It seemed that they never acted before, but Larry Fessenden beats them all...in the worst possible way. Gosh! deplorable act ...and the possession part?! I couldn't believe my eyes...so bad! so bad! Althoug horror films not always have strong story lines, this is incredibly bad...it's all wrong. Doesn't make any sense. And the ghosts (were they really?)they seemed like a group of lost boys...almost felt sorry for them. And what about Monte Markham character? why did he shoot the bartender? W.T.F.? And the dialogues? Can't recall a movie with so poor lines to say. And the couple that later arrived at the house? they seemed so awkward, so unattached. Well, I can't understand why was this movie made! I can't stop shouting: so bad! so bad!

Reviewed by fella_shibby 9 / 10

Pays a tribute to Fulci. Much better than recent pg-13 ghost movies.

The best part about this movie apart from the creepy atmosphere and the beautiful ice-covered New England scenery is it's unpredictably n sudden change of pace. Really awesome cinematography by Karim Hussain (Hobo with a shotgun, Antiviral, ABCs of death). There's also a lot of very over the top but well executed supernatural violence/gore. Some awesome visual effects. It has drama, atmosphere and suspense, keeping a serious tone and setting.

One thing that sets this film apart from many others is that the main characters are middle-aged and that it suddenly changed from a slow atmospheric movie into over the top fantastic gory splatter movie. The special effects are pretty well thought out and executed. There are elements that pull from classic horrors in a very good n entertaining way. Themes and motifs from popular horror films such as The Shining, The Amityville Horror, The Fog n House by the cemetery r visible. It can be called a remake of House by the cemetery.

Great job from a first time film maker Ted Geoghegan.

So many horror veterans in one film. Barbara Crampton (From beyond, Re- animator, lords of salem, tales of halloween, you'r next). Lisa Marie (Sleepy hollow, tales of halloween, Lords of salem, silent night). Andrew Sensenig (don't look in the basement 2, kill or be killed, Dylan dog, nine dead). Larry Fessenden ( session 9, late phases, we r what we r, jug face, u r next, stake land, mulberry street, session 9). Ted Geoghegan pays loving tribute to Lucio Fulci. Was really getting annoyed n tired with the recent pg-13 ghost movies.

Reviewed by jackthehack 8 / 10

Old-School Throwback With a Classy Yet Savage Edge

I am admittedly not a big fan of Lucio Fulci AKA The Godfather of Gore. He made some good films(Zombi 2 and City of the living Dead) but I am not a fan of his House by the Cemetery. I still liked his way of developing atmosphere although he torpedoed it himself by putting gratuitous gore and illogical sequences though it was part of his charm. So, when I heard of We Are Still Here and how it's a tribute to Fulci's films, I was intrigued if not too hopeful. Fortunately, it turned out to be a wonderful surprise.

The best part about this movie apart from the creepy atmosphere and the beautiful ice-covered New England scenery is the very good performances by nearly everyone in the cast, especially Barbara Crampton, Andrew Sensenig and the extremely creepy Monte Markham. Larry Fessenden is on hand to provide a bit of ham which he does with glee. The film much like Fulci's post-Zombi 2 films, ultimately explodes in a gore-drenched frenzy though this one still keeps sight of it's central characters. It is also surprisingly well-paced and doesn't sag in the middle like others of it's genre.

It's true that the story isn't original but the acting, direction and effects are so strong that they make up for it. I will even be audacious enough to say that this might be a better horror film than It Follows which despite stronger scares, stagnated in the middle. The director, Geoghegan seems very promising and I will eagerly await his next feature.

Altamente Raccomandato!

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