We Still Kill the Old Way


Action / Comedy / Crime / Drama / Horror / Thriller

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Alison Doody as Susan Taylor
James Cosmo as Arthur
Steven Berkoff as Charlie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by A_Different_Drummer 9 / 10

Hands down, best "generational" drama so far..

Would you believe that Hollywood has been trying to do a film like this for years ... and never succeeded? You look at nonsense like Stallone's boring and repetitive Expendable series and dramas-turned-comedies like the OVER THE HILL GANG and you realize that Hollywood lacks whatever gene is required to make a film where the older players pull the rug out from the younger ones.

Because, at its core, Hollywood reflects a culture of youth.

Thank God for UK filmmakers. A little tradition. A little respect for the old ways.

And presto, easily the best generational conflict film in recent memory.

Set against a story about a modern gang of street punks that unintentionally takes on a gang that used to run their neighbourhood when they were still a gleam in daddy's eye.

By itself, this is an excellent film, with great dialogue, real characters, no false moments.

If you are over 55, however, it is a positive treat.

Reviewed by paulgeite 10 / 10

Brilliant old school revenge

I have to say that this was a brilliant film. With the UK the way it is, being overrun by little chavs, this was the ultimate chav-culling film. a group of old school gangsters stand up to them and take them down the old way.

Some good humour and references to other films such as the Italian Job, it was a refreshing change from half of the rubbish that is released nowadays.

OK the way that the gang leader talks was a bit over the top, but it shows how people perceive the little gits.

If you want a good film with a nice little twist, then watch this film.

Reviewed by Tom Dooley 8 / 10

Good Old Firm Gangster British Film

I was genuinely surprised by how good this was - it's a South London gangland film and it was well made, entertaining and Danny Dyer wasn't in it but his daughter is and she is interestingly enough called Dani Dyer! (Couldn't make it up could you). Well Ian Ogilvy, Richie, of 'The Return of the Saint' fame is retired to the Costa del Crime and is awaiting his big brother to come over for a Birthday bash. Meanwhile back in Blighty his bro Charlie (Steven Berkoff) interrupts a gang who are sexually assaulting a young girl Lauren (Dani Dyer) - instead of acting like men they brutally murder him.

The Feds (that is police to non gang types) are about as much use as a pork pie at a bar mitzvah and so Richie gets his chopper out - sorry helicopter - and comes home back to his old Manor - where everyone used to be proper crooks and love their mums - that was back in the day. Now they are all 'blud' and 'innit' and have to walk with a pimp stroll and a permanent hood on their heads like a failed monk. There he assembles the old firm - who are a coterie of crime acting regulars- and they go all out for some righteous retribution.

Now there are some issues with this film, police procedure is a joke, a few plot holes, as many coincidences as Dickens packed into 'Oliver Twist' and an ending that requires a bit of a stretch to actually believe. That said I still ruddy enjoyed it, veteran James Cosmo as the loud mouthed Arthur was brilliant and Ian Ogilvy showed what a bit of old school talent can bring to the screen. This is a guilty pleasure and I wish the makers all the best - it is nice seeing veteran actors getting a fair crack at a fun role. If you want a bit of semi - mindless fun and don't mind a bit of sawn off shotgun justice then this is for you or puckkah as they say.

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