We Still Steal the Old Way


Crime / Drama

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Julian Glover as Sir Edward
Patrick Bergin as George Briggs
Lysette Anthony as Lizzie
Billy Murray as Vic Farrow
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by James Debrick ([email protected]) 10 / 10


Its a shame old Jim Cosmo didn't return otherwise for a budget film it was better than the American equivalent that of the pure cheese oceans 11. I hope to see another... I found it witty and sentimental. Besides its great seeing some good old boys roughing up bell-end chavs and or pikeys, and best of all junkies!

Reviewed by elitene87 3 / 10

The title had me..

I'm not one to usually review a movie on here, even if bad. This movie had me going as I love heist movies or anything to do with robbing in general. This movie is incredibly slow paced, and could have been made into a good movie. It's really tough to watch, and by the end you do feel as though you just eagerly wasted two hour's of your life. I waited for the good ending and it never came. I'm curious how "Going in Style" is though as I think it'll make up for watching this junk.

Reviewed by Prismark10 1 / 10

Rubbish Brit gangster film. Just like the old days

The problem with making a gangster film with a bunch of geriatric actors is that they are too old for the action scenes. So here we get a bunch of old actors talking about what it was like back in the old days and swearing a lot.

Richie Archer and his crew are back, caught in the middle of a heist in a bank vault but it was really a ruse to get inside a prison to help break out their old pal George Briggs whose wife is seriously ill with Alzheimer's.

Trouble is another gangster, Vic Farrow who is inside another prison also has an interest in George, but to get rid off him rather than help him escape.

We Still Steal the Old Way is a dismal film, too slow, it has little action and when we do get a prison riot at the end, it is laughably badly staged. It lacks the wicked wit of the first film which frankly was not even that good in the first place.

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