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Gérard Depardieu as Devereaux
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Joe H. 4 / 10

Gauche, Uninformed and Exhausting

What is this piece of work? An auteur film? A low-budged shock movie like "La Grande Bouffe" or "Baise-moi"? A porno? Whatever the case, this catastrophic film makes you wonder whether Abel Ferrara has really been directing movies for 40 years. Inconsistent characters, uneven editing and dialogue lines that are laughable at best and disturbingly weak at worst make this this movie a really painful experience, like a great romantic Austrian orchestral piece performed out of tune all the way through. The exhaustingly long and slow vampire of a film that is Welcome to New York begs the questions: has the production been rushed for some troubled reason(s)? is that why it backfires on all technical levels? did they use rehearsal footage? is that why the acting is so all over the place? There are, however, a few interesting moments here and there in the film: Depardieu's monologue towards the end of the film, the lighting reflected on Jacqueline Bisset during a quarrel in the couple's home cinema. They're only details, unfortunately, and they're not powerful enough to save the film from drowning. Abel Ferrara proves that being a "unique" artist doesn't make you a "competent" one and, most of all, that you can't always blame gaucherie on art.

Reviewed by losriley-1 7 / 10

Wecome to New York brutal and unflinching

This film has many different rhythms and paces. At first the prolonged sex scenes last so long that they became uncomfortable and disturbing.Although the sex with the prostitutes was consensual Depardieux grunted in almost pig like fashion as he lost himself in debauchery and lust. It had the feel of a porn film but with believable characters. The scenes with Depardieux and Bissett often have the feel of improvisation particularly at the beginning. It would have been nice to have seen more of the victims reactions to the abuse that they were subjected too. The unrepentant nature of the lead character is alarming and brutally honest.He does not seek to be cured even after his arrest makes his life fall apart. He shows no feeling for his victims and just is a serial abuser. His blunt attempts at seduction is seen to be successful in one instance due to his wealth and status and overt womanising. Like Bad Lieutenant this film delivers moments of brutality and spiritual abandon. In both films the central characters are spiralling out of control. The Gauguin nudes on the walls of the apartment are well placed. In all despite the lengthy sex scenes and drawn out almost real time arrest the film is well constructed and well acted. The surreal almost "bad actor" dialogues between Bissett and Depardieux as they confront the aftermath of his arrest fluctuates between the inane and the poetic. I really liked the line that,"The reverse of Love is not hate but indifference" delivered by Bissett. The fact that this film is based on true events adds weight to the subject matter. A difficult film to watch and an adult film on more than one level.

Reviewed by Joe H. 4 / 10

A Gauche, Unopinionated and Exhausting Experience

Unable to pick its path between 70's Sidney Lumet, La Grande Bouffe and Marc Dorcel, the catastrophe that this film turned out to be makes you wonder whether Abel Ferrara has really been directing for 40 years. Characters are inconsistent, the editing is awkward and dialog lines are laughable at their best and lighter than air at their worst. Watching this (very) long feature film is similar to listening to an orchestral piece where all the instruments are out of tune. Welcome to New York gives you the feeling that its production has been rushed for some unknown reason, given the technical inaccuracies of the shots, the rehearsal-like performances of the cast and, most of all, the overwhelmingly exhausting pace of the scenes. There are, however, a few interesting moments in the film, like Depardieu's monologue towards the end of the film, or the lights of the film in the couple's home cinema that reflect on Jacqueline Bisset during a quarrel, but they're not powerful enough to save the film from drowning. Abel Ferrara might be a marginal artist, having directed many interesting pictures throughout his career, but no one can defend this film by claiming it's an "exercice de style".

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