What We Did on Our Holiday


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by johnbarry221 9 / 10

Funniest film I have watched in ages

I was hesitant to go to see this, since the critics panned it (by and large). But absolutely no regrets.

I have rarely seen a cinema full of people having so much fun. Great one liners, touching moments which still retain some authenticity despite a daft plot, and brilliant child actors.

The three leads - Billy Connolly, Rosamund Pike and David Tennant - all turn in notable performances, but its the three children who are the most remarkable.

There are also some nice positive life messages worked in, to take or leave as the viewer wishes.

Not to be missed.

Reviewed by Joanne Welch 9 / 10

Moving, Funny and Family Friendly

We all loved this - me, my friend and my 2 daughters, 13 and 11. It's about a warring couple on the brink of divorce who take their three young children on holiday to Scotland to visit the husband's father, who has terminal cancer, on the occasion of his 75th birthday. It turns into an even more surprising birthday than anyone has imagined. David Tennant, Rosamund Pike, Billie Connolly, Ben Miller and Amelia Bullmore are all wonderful actors playing their parts to perfection and the children were as stunningly natural and funny as the children in the TV series Outnumbered. Andy Hamilton and Guy Jenkin had a great idea and have turned it into a funny and moving film. An extremely poignant scene was beautifully acted and directed and there were a fair few belly laughs as well as tears shed. There was some swearing but nothing worse than they hear routinely at secondary school, so though it was rated 12A I was never uncomfortable I'd taken my 11 year old daughter. Go and see it!

Reviewed by Julia Warner 9 / 10

Sad, funny and sweary

This film is an utter delight. I went without having any idea what I was going to see and was utterly charmed by it.

Themes of love, separation, impending death and lies are dealt with in a sympathetic and thoroughly British way. The three male leads of Ben Miller, Billy Connolly and the luscious David Tennant excel at demonstrating dysfunction family life. The female leads are a little weaker, but still delver solid performances. The story focus around David Tennant and his estranged wife driving to Scotland for his fathers 75th birthday,knowing that he is dying and deciding because of his not to tell he truth about the impending divorce. ( this is all revealed in first 15 minutes so no spoiler) Sadly their separation has been none to amicable and their atrocious behaviour is impacting on each of their three children in different ways. In a similar way to Outnumbered the children appear to be largely unscripted which results in both some cringe worthy and some highly entertaining moments.

Whilst this film is never going to light any fires it is a lovely way to while away a couple f hours. NB Please be aware this is a British made film and obtains a fair amount of swearing. Doesn't other me at all but it might some people.

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