Why Him?



Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 40%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 59%
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Kaley Cuoco as Justine
James Franco as Laird Mayhew
Bryan Cranston as Ned Fleming
Zoey Deutch as Stephanie Fleming
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Harun Karali 3 / 10

Old Script, New Title

Stephanie introduces her boyfriend Laird to her family, namely her overprotective father Ned(Cranston). Who is dismayed at his daughter as he tries to absorb the reality that Laird is a part of his life now. Stephanie is so blinded by love that she seems to overlook her boyfriends obnoxious behavior. There are some original jokes, Yet, this feels like an R-rated version of "Meet the Parents". Which, in my opinion is a better film in every way. Don't take my word for it, see it for yourself and decide.

If you're going to remake a movie at least have the dignity to give it the same name. What's peculiar is, it's made by the same people that created "Meet the Parents". Which leads me to wonder, What were the writers thinking? More importantly, What was the studio that approved this film thinking? I'm usually open minded when it comes to comedies, even if it's raunchy. However that doesn't mean that I will overlook using recycled material and calling it a new brand.

Reviewed by Anthony Iessi 6 / 10

It might just be me, but I liked it.

This was on my year-end list as well. It was buried somewhere down the list.. like it was nearly hanging off of it. Actually, it was in a separate list of "Films I may or may not see in December if reviews are really bad". Why Him? actually did get awful reviews. But for some reason, I wanted to take a chance on it. I felt something was there. For one, I am a Franco-file, and I love him in anything he's in. So I went and saw it.

I was pleasantly surprised. I laughed a lot. It's really just a goofy movie, and that's alright by me. Don't put too much thought going in. If your afraid of not laughing, even a little bit, leave that nonsense at the door, and enjoy the show. James Franco brings his A-game here, and is once again totally hysterical. Bryan Cranston has great comedic timing. Megan Mullally is a scene stealer. Kegan-Michael Key is bonkers. It's got Kaley Cuoco as an awesome version of Siri, the best of Silicon Valley, Adam Devine, a moose dipped in urine that explodes. Oh, and 1/2 of the band KISS in full costume and makeup. It's been a while since a comedy movie made a tribute to one of the greatest bands of the 70's. Role Models was the last one. You could say that it's shamelessly borrowing from Role Models, but in Role Models it felt forced and unnecessary. In Why Him? It fits in with the craziness.

This is a holiday, cornball comedy that doesn't suck.. as they tend to.

Reviewed by Inthebiz80 3 / 10

Jonah and James: Won't get fooled again

Jonah Hill, James Franco, and another: "Hey I've got only a trailer length's worth of funny content for a new flick that's another ATM for us! We'll stick in some (now formulaic) prolonged disturbing sexual content that differentiates us/the film as young and hip."

Really, if you saw the trailer you saw the best of this movie. Whoever made the trailer really deserves a big payout for creating something people would look forward to as a funny diversion from all the serious political crap of late.

It's got a good cast that's wasted on the lame writing, but hey it's a pay check!

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