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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by paintedsolace 9 / 10

What is wrong with the world !!

This was a great movie and exactly what I needed! I know from now on to not listen to most of the reviews on here at all. They are the opposite of good!? This was along the lines of Into The Wild, not as good but not bad at all and worth watching. Well done! This could be called a chick flick for real women who want substance, Strength and encouragement from the female in the role. When the world gets to much and is sucking your life away- Get the heck out and walk, climb a mountain , ride a horse ! Push the boundaries of what you think you are capable of and learn! I cried , it was good. I didn't know anything about it until I watched it. I have been coming to IMDb to pick movies with good ratings and people giving good reviews. Only to be disappointed time and again. If you like the Idea of the film , you will likely enjoy it as much as I did.

Reviewed by xmarinka-34186 9 / 10

honest, deep, dramatic and beautiful

I loved this movie.

My favorite part about this movie is the idea - being true to ones feelings, being destroyed by pain to the point of loosing oneself and having the strength to finding it again; having the strength and incredible will to let go and move on. I find it deep and insightful.

I also like the presentation of this idea - in a simple, very honest way. That's why I think, the symbolism they used fits in so well, even though it's a bit obvious - the heavy bag she carries at the beginning of the journey, bleeding feet, getting new shoes that fit, throwing up (as letting all the bad things out) and coming to the gods bridge. All of these are classic, obvious symbols, which are in tune with the simpleness of the presentation of the idea.

This brings me to another point I like about this movie, how it contrasts this very simple plot and very simple presentation to very complicated 'things' inside the main character. I also have to mention the script, because its loooong time since I have seen/heard such a good script - communicating the drama of one's life without overdoing it.

And OK, there are some factual errors in this movie, but they are not so important and Witherspoon did a great job as an actress and a producer. For me it's her best movie so far.

So to sum it up - strong drama, in simple, honest presentation, inspiring to return to your good self, no matter what may happen. The way we deal with our feelings, is the way we leave.

Reviewed by evanston_dad 8 / 10

Into the Wild with Reese Witherspoon

A wonderful performance from Reese Witherspoon anchors this very good film about a troubled young woman who embarks on a miles-long hike as a sort of personal therapy to deal with the downward spiral of her life in the wake of her mother's (Laura Dern) death. Witherspoon reminds everyone what a good actress she is; I haven't been this impressed by her as an actress since "Election" way back in 1999 (and that includes her overrated Oscar-winning performance in "Walk the Line"). And it's nice to see Laura Dern again, who's popped up here and there over the past many years but has mostly been absent from the movie scene. The movie's editor deftly integrates flashbacks of Dern and Witherspoon together with the character's hike through the wild, and avoids the monotony that usually plagues films when structured this way.

One of the minor miracles of "Wild" is how subtly it explores not just the trials and dangers one would encounter in such a hike, but specifically how those trials and dangers are heightened, or at least are of a different nature, for a woman. Only once in the film is it overtly addressed, but before that scene late in the film, the director and Witherspoon have already conveyed without words how perilous such an adventure could be for a young woman, for whom every encounter with a strange man carries with it the possibility of sexual predation, even if it doesn't materialize (which, the film acknowledges, in most cases it doesn't). At the same time, the film restores one's faith a little bit in humanity, suggesting that most people are decent and kind and willing to help, no strings attached.

Witherspoon and Dern were both justly Oscar nominated for their performances, and the gorgeous Pacific West scenery deserved an award of its own.

Grade: A

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