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Ella Purnell as Mackenzie
Ann Dowd as Jeanie
Brian Geraghty as Uncle
Bruce Greenwood as Rene Bartlett
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cheer88 8 / 10

Humanly portrayed the tough subject

I chose to watch this movie because of the reviews. The fundamental part of the story is a difficult subject. There are wide ranges of sexual abuses existed in the society. The percentage of crimes have been reported is shamefully low. This movie presented the truth of it.

I think the part how Bart (played by Greenwood) handled the situation after he found out the truth was critical. It was humanly portrayed the deep concern Bart had about Mackenzie's wellbeing. He did not pass judgment on Mackenzie even she tried to seduce him earlier. He somehow understood her behaviors. I would say this movie sieved the humanity through a series of unfortunate events. The director had keen eyes to present the positives from the negatives in life.

Human beings are resilient and uplifting sometimes even in worst scenarios. This movie would show you that at least. The director left the untold ending behind which I would say is better than telling it all. If you want to have reflections after the movie, this one will be a good choice.

Reviewed by vanguardus 9 / 10

Outstanding debut!

Saw this at the Woodstock film festival - still thinking about this film. The entire team did an amazing job with difficult subject-matter. They captured the dynamics and emotional significance of the abusive situation while retaining a strong positive sense of life, elements that come from the script and direction - all by the same man. The acting by the entire cast is outstanding. I love the heroine (and that is what she is) and the performance had me always rooting for her! Very glad that the always excellent Bruce Greenwood was cast in a critical role because the credibility of his performance is essential to the credibility of the resolution. Also love that the film is serious without being dark or depressing. I hope many more audiences have a chance to see this film, including young people. As a former prosecutor for these cases I saw so much that could be talked about by young audiences and really want to see this film in wider distribution!

Reviewed by Kelly Bachman 10 / 10

Beautiful in it's poignant quietude and breathtaking journey through Alaska

When I first saw the trailer and guessed what this film might be about, I was very nervous.

I was nervous that such an important story might not be handled well, especially by a male director. The few films that I have seen depict rape/molestation have presented it in a way that didn't feel real to me. Others had been too theatrical, too overdone, and too violent.

After seeing Wildlike, I knew that writer/director Frank Hall Green had done his research on the subject matter. Real life abuse isn't always loud and violent as we often see it portrayed, but it can be quiet and fleeting as it slips into daily routines with terrifyingly familiar people. In real life the darkest moments of our lives often go unspoken, revealed only in glances or implied in what is left unsaid. Wildlike captures this flawlessly.

Wildlike depicts the quietness of pain, but also the placid and beautiful journey to healing that can follow. It is refreshingly optimistic in that it does not linger on the suffering, but instead quickly allows you to escape on an adventure of recovery with the young protagonist. Vast and breathtaking landscapes of Alaska seem to set both the character and the audience free after a meaningfully unsettling first act.

And while the scenes of sweeping landscapes captured effortlessly by Hillary Spera are incredible, it is not the purely the majesty of Alaska which defines this film's success. It is the vulnerable and compelling performances of Ella Purnell and Bruce Greenwood which drive the film, and Green's fluid approach to the human condition. Real life is beautiful in it's quietude and subtleties, and that is what Wildlike evokes so honestly.

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