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Reviewed by znegative 7 / 10

A creepy movie

In my review for the mediocre found-footage/horror film 'Followed' I talked a bit about my dislike for how serial murderers are often portrayed in cinema. While Se7en was a good thriller, it epitomizes IMO the problem... Serial Killers murder for sex and power, and usually a bit of both. However, fart too often, movies seem to depict them as these brilliant psychopaths whose sole purpose in life is to get into a game of 'cat and mouse' with their equally brilliant adversary, that is, whatever detective Morgan Freedman might be playing in any given film.

What's frightening to me about serial killers is that for the most part they go undetected and often get away with multiple homicides for years. That, and to top it off, they blend in with the outside world very well. That is what Willow Creek gets right-there is a hint of realism here on top of the campy thrills that separates Willow Creek from your average slasher film.

This is one of the few movies that I actually felt a certain sense of dread for our hero's, Jim and Kelly-which is a big thing for me, as it takes a lot more than gore and a loud bump to make me jump.

I would like to also mention that I thought the actors did quite well-not only the killer, but the protagonists as well. I thought Jim was really likable, which is another surprise for this type of movie, which usually has very poor character construction.

Worth the watch.

Reviewed by jhhbeck 1 / 10


Awful. A solid hour of useless, bumbling interviews with local townspeople and the male protagonist standing in front of Bigfoot sculptures, none of which adds a single plot device. We get it. This is Bigfoot country. Do we really need to hear the local musician's entire folk song, mistakes and restarts included? Awkward pauses are acceptable for building suspense, but if you're going to make the tent scene last twenty minutes, perhaps we could get a bit more than some growling and something poking the tent? And whomever was responsible for the sound effects has an illustrious career ahead of them in something other than sound editing. The Bigfoot howls sounded like a man trying to sound like a young cow/tornado warning.

The encounter with Bigfoot lasts all of two minutes, and the only thing the viewer gets to see is the camera flying around and a fat woman in a loin cloth for a split second. I'm all for ambiguity, but, when you've spent the entire film avoiding plot devices like the plague, ambiguity turns into "Eh, I suppose this ending will suffice. Plus, we don't have enough money in our budget to pay the fat woman for a re-shoot."

I think the single most annoying thing about this film is that it received an 86% on RT. Did it release on April 1st, or did all of the critics decide to try a new drug beforehand?

Reviewed by boccyan47 7 / 10

that's not a bear

To many negative reviews for this title. The first rule for seeing a scary movie is to be alone at night without any light sources and to wear headphones to really enjoy it (scary movie watching 101).

So it's 1 a.m and i'm beep scared and i'm beep myself watching this movie. First off i didn't like paranormal activity 1 (i liked only the 3rd) and i beep love ff movies.

This movie is effective in creating atmosphere and you don't need to wait too long for the beep to hit the fan. This is the little brother of Blair Whitch Project, if you like that you will enjoy this movie but don't forget the first rule!!!

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