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Kathleen Wilhoite as Zarabeth
Tawny Kitaen as Linda Brewster
Rose Marie as Mrs. Moses
Todd Allen as Jim Morar
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sgtking 7 / 10

It isn't just a game

Whether we believe in them or not, we've all messed around with a Ouija board at some point in our lives. They're great for parties, especially at Halloween time. They're also a great subject for a movie, but haven't been used too often. Two years before his 'Night of the Demons,' Kevin Tenney made this film where we see what can happen when someone doesn't use a Ouija board properly. The result isn't a genre classic, but is a fun and spooky romp.

Pros: Above average performances. Good score, sometimes chilling. Suspenseful direction. Fast paced. Has a good share of humor to keep things from getting too serious. Some effective shocks. Memorable death scenes. Quite well written.

Cons: Nothing new here. Very dated. Detective subplot goes nowhere. Finale could have used more oomph.

Final thoughts: Though not Earth-shattering, Kevin Tenney's film debut is a strong one. In a time when most Horror films featured zombies or masked madmen, 'Witchboard' was something a little different. It's got just about everything a hardcore Horror buff could ask for. Would make a great double feature with Tenney's next film.

My rating: 3.5/5

Reviewed by tyler-and-jack 6 / 10

One of the most underrated films ever made

Tawny Kitaen stars as Linda Brewster in this very 80s horror movie all about a bit of fun with a ouija board that ends up letting an evil spirit loose and begins a chain of strange deaths.

Written and directed by Kevin Tenney, this may not be up there with his best work (that would be Night Of The Demons, as far as I'm concerned) but it's an enjoyable enough horror film that tries to get a few frights and deaths on screen without piling things up to the point where it all gets far too ridiculous far too early in the proceedings.

Todd Allen plays Jim, Tawny Kitaen's beau and protector, while Stephen Nichols is Brandon Sinclair, a man who used to be Jim's best friend but now can't stop himself from acting like a complete ass when he watches the woman he had such strong feelings for settle for someone he sees as not worthy of her. This love triangle dynamic quickly becomes tiresome but, thankfully, the movie spaces out it's beats almost perfectly and it's not long until Brandon convinces Jim of the dangers of the ouija board and what it's doing to Linda. The two men then team up to try and solve their ghostly problem while Linda is drawn further and further under the spell of the board.

There's not a lot to be said about Witchboard, it's one of many 80s horror movies that had a trailer I remember being much more entertaining than the actual movie but that doesn't mean that the film itself is anything terrible. It tries to be a little bit different and then get some of the standard genre goods in there but it ends up failing a little bit in both respects. The premise is neither as original nor intelligent as Tenney would like it to be and the standard genre goods come up a bit short (though one scene involving someone being thrown onto a sundial remains quite impressive).

But it does have Tawny Kitaen in it. And Kathleen Wilhoite plays an annoyingly "amusing" medium in a role that's mercifully brief but astounding for every moment.

A bit of fun that will either have you searching for a ouija board or destroying any that you may own, Witchboard is very much a product of its time and holds up as something quite decent from a time when every other horror film seemed to be a generic slasher flick.

Reviewed by thesar-2 6 / 10

TTFN!! Just a little psychic humor of the 80s

I Love the 80s! You gotta love productions like Witchboard, if you like the 1980s. It is the ultimate 80s horror flick: bad hair (including punk multi-colors and mullets), microfiche, bad dialogue, smoking in a hospital (?!?), waterbeds, cheap thrills and open-shirted male shirts with hair flowing from masculine chests to the screen. It's actually a guilty pleasure of mine and hard to downgrade since I grew up on it.

My sister was the one that loved this movie when I was young and like a lot of late-1980s flicks (i.e. A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master and Dirty Dancing) she got me hooked on this one. Now, watching it again, honestly the first time since the late 1980s, it's such an extreme flashback. I mean dialogue like "TTFN – ta ta for now" or "I got a bad feeling about this" should sum it up. Oh, and the foggy graveyard helps too.

We have a bizarre love triangle between former best male friends and a female third who is soon-to-be engaged to one of the males at a party and an Ouija Board. They contact (for fun) a dead 10-year-old David…or did they bring about an evil spirit? Either way, ditzy red-headed Linda (Tawny Kitaen) continues to "play" with the board alone when she's not supposed to! Inadvertently, she concurs up this other "evil" spirit and people start dying left/right. Will the two males fighting for her attention solve the problem before she's fully possessed? It's hilarious. Really. If you watched this for the first time, outside of the 1980s, you might laugh your ass off. But, I'm glad this movie was made; this was an extreme homage to that period. It's kinda scary – not really, but if you believe in this hocus-pocus Ouija stuff. It's gory. And it has the most laugh-out-loud outrageous finale, as if they ran out of ideas and had to close it out. This is for die-hard fans, or just someone out for a good laugh.

Side Note: I remember reading a wonderful "Ask Marilyn" (by Marilyn vos Savant) article that stated on how to prove the Ouija is a hoax, and I believe her. You get two people to control the Ouija Board, but blindfolded and have a third party watch them. Since they can't subconsciously control the pointer while in the dark, the results should be hilarious. Honestly, I have yet to try that, but I have met very few that believe in such nonsense. I'd love to prove the insanity this board has produced. At least it produced a fantastically fun 1980s horror movie.

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