Witchboard 2


Action / Horror / Mystery

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Julie Michaels as Susan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gokeymichael 4 / 10

Not bad.

I really wanted to like this. I am a fan of horror/supernatural films that range from the 50's up through the late 80's to early 90's. I have seen a lot of them and they all have their own hang-ups considering they are so aged compared to 2014. The problem with this movie isn't so much the movie itself as the choice for the lead actress. Sure, Amy Dolenz is very beautiful, but that voice and her acting is just pure hell. I wanted to contact a demon on my board just to shut her up. I would rather have Mickey Dolenz as the lead actress than Amy. The movie itself was what you would expect from the era and the genre, decent B quality stuff that keeps you entertained and you can poke fun at it because of the time. Give it a shot if you really must, but watch some other stuff first.

Reviewed by sgtking 5 / 10

Fair sequel

In the 1980s, the film market was flooded with Horror films. By the 90s the genre had run out of a lot of steam, but then a new trend emerged. This was the era of "Straight to Video," where every Tom, Dick, and Harry that wanted to make movies and get them on the shelves could. One down side to this, though not always, was that a lot of acclaimed films received sequels that bypassed theatres and went to video. Some films don't need a sequel, but they get one anyway and sometimes they turn out OK. It took 7 years, but Kevin Tenney followed-up his 1986 cult hit 'Witchboard.' The result is not at all bad, but not terribly good either.

Pros: Acting is fine. Good and creepy score. Again Tenney does well at creating suspense. Also the writing is pretty good. Moves at a decent pace. Imaginative death scenes.

Cons: Again nothing here you haven't already seen. Sorely lacking in the scare department. Some of the dialogue could have used some polishing up. Twist is kind of disappointing, not to mention full of holes.

Final thoughts: Sometimes it's a good idea to wait when you make a sequel. However, in this case I think Tenney and Co. waited too long. Not that 'Witchboard 2' is awful, it just doesn't have the same spark as it's predecessor. It's still entertaining and well made, but is rough in some areas. See only if you like the first.

My rating: 2.5/5

Reviewed by movies2u 5 / 10

"Witchboard 2: The Devil's Doorway"- 8/10. Not scary but entertaining nonetheless.

Witchboard 2

This movie has plenty of entertainment stuffed into it's 90 minute running time, but it isn't too scary. Witchboard 2 is about Paige, who moves into an artist loft apartment after leaving her boyfriend. While moving in, she finds a Oujia board inside a closet, and just for fun, begins to play around with it. But you can't play with a Witchboard as Paige soon learns, when she contacts the spirit who claims to be a former tennant of the apartment complex who was murdered. Then, people in the complex begin dying in weird ways, and Paige must uncover the spirit's true identity before it destroys her.

The actors here aren't too bad, and Laraine Newman is hilarious as the eccentric landlord. This film has some 'jump' sequences that jolt you, but no real horror to scare you with. The movie also has a good mystery to it. Good for horror fans, and not cheesy at all. Don't expect a super-cheapy movie, it isn't that bad. 8/10.

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