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Linda Blair as Jane Brooks
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ksf-2 6 / 10

an Italian horror flick.... with the Hasselhoff..... not too bad

At least there are some big names in this campy horror film to keep us occupied. Double billed on a new blue ray with "Ghost House", Witchery has David Hasselhoff (post Knight Rider, but before Baywatch) and Linda Blair (waaaaaaay after Exorcist). Another Italian horror film, filmed in Massachusetts, this one is directed by Fabrizio Laurenti. Like the Lenzi horror films, this one is so campy, so bad, that its kind of fun to watch. And who IS that Lady in Black? She and her magic gemstone pop up now and then, adding to the mystery. A real estate agent tries to sell a house on a private island, but Gary (Hasselhoff) and his assistant entered the house (without permission) to take photos. Jane (L. Blair) has her own secrets, as you will see. More cheesy special effects, and of course, the usual blood and gore. I'm surprised that Linda Blair still wanted to do films like this, since she was so well known for The Exorcist. It's pretty creepy. And as of today, only 3 out of 10 stars on IMDb.

The "story" starts out pretty solid, unlike most oldie horror films. The acting and directing are a bit lame, but everyone does a pretty good job with the lines they are given. For a lot of of the cast, this is the only film they ever made. About two thirds of the way through, the plot gets weird and goes down these left turns. Lots of screaming, organ music, and smoke. Similar plot to Ten Little Indians, where the guests get knocked off, one by one. Interesting, if just for the historical value.

Reviewed by Tikkin 6 / 10

Excellent setting

I recently picked this up on VHS under the title "Ghosthouse 2", although it has nothing at all to do with the original Ghosthouse film. I was expecting it to be terrible, after reading IMDb reviews, but it actually turned out to be OK. The setting of the film is what gets the most marks from me - I love seeing the shots of the house and island from the sea. It's THE perfect setting for a horror film. I do think it was a little wasted on this particular film though. Never mind.

The film itself isn't too bad, it just drags a bit in some places and I didn't like the witchcraft theme. I found the scenes where people are transported via that "Doctor Who" style vortex extremely cringe-making. It looked like something from a cheap 80's sci-fi film! Other than that I thought the death of the old woman was excellent - she gets her lips sewn together and is hung upside down above a lit fireplace. She can't scream for help and the others have no idea she's there. Now there's an original death for you! The parts where the helicopter flies around the house are also excellent - the people inside can't signal for help because the house has trapped them inside.

I would recommend horror fans to give this a watch, it's silly and boring at times but the good bits make up for that.

Reviewed by shaneschoeppner1 10 / 10

Linda Blair reminds us why she is a horror icon in this horrifying tale of witchcraft and revenge.

Linda Blair has been acting for forty years now, and while she will never escape the part of Regan MacNeil in "The Exorcist", few of her subsequent horror films have used her legendary status to such great effect as "Witchery" does. She plays Jane Brooks, a pregnant single woman who travels with her family to an abandoned island hotel that her parents want to purchase. They are accompanied by a couple of real estate agents (Catherine Hickland and Rick Farnsworth) and upon arriving at the island they meet a photographer (David Hasselhoff) and his writer girlfriend (Leslie Cumming) who are illegally squatting in the hotel while investigating the legend of a local witch (Hildegard Knef). It seems that a long-ago witch-hunt resulted in her suicide, and she was with child at the time. Unaware of the danger, Jane has recently dreamt of the witch's dramatic death, and Jane's little brother Tommy (Michael Manchester) has been more directly visited by her spooky, black-clad spirit, which he calls 'the lady in black'. The group's time at the island inn begins quietly enough; unknown to them, however, the Lady in Black has already dispatched the captain of their hired boat (George Stevens). Before long, the isolation and cold begin to affect everyone, and it is during this period of moodiness and tension that the Lady in Black begins her reign of terror. She plans to avenge her own fate by possessing Jane and sacrificing her companions and her unborn child. Each of her other victims fulfills an aspect of her vengeful curse - greed, lust, and the blood of a virgin. As the sun goes down and the sea becomes wild, she haunts them one by one in gruesome, horrifying ways. The island location is effectively scary, and the inn is very creepy and hauntingly shot. It's such a colorful film that it reminds me of Dario Argento's work. The lighting is excellent, and the set decoration is perfectly spooky. The soundtrack is very effective and unique. The horror effects are extreme, terrifying, and unforgettable. The cinematography is great, and it is this that brings us back to Linda Blair. The creative team behind this film shoots her like a horror star should be shot: lots of dramatic push-ins, lingering close-ups that subtly detail Jane's incremental possession, and moments that are reminiscent of other great horror films. There are hidden homages to "Rosemary's Baby", "Jacob's Ladder", "The Shining", "Black Sunday", and of course "The Exorcist". She does a great job, and absolutely steals the show with her moody and understated performance. That isn't to say that the rest of the cast disappoints; Catherine Hickland is sexy and very good, and veteran performer Annie Ross is memorable as Jane's bitchy mother Rose. Hasselhoff gives it his best, but he is not essentially a film star, and his television persona gets in the way of his performance. Blair and young Michael Manchester have a wonderful chemistry together. The film is otherwise so violent and creepy (in a good way) that it desperately needs their warmth (Blair also played a mother in 2003's "Monster Makers", and her maternal scenes in that film have the same tender feeling to them). Lastly, Hildegard Knef (in one of her last roles) plays a great witch, and she has the most amazing voice and accent. Along with Blair, she was also perfectly cast. But it's Blair's movie all the way. Jane Brooks also seems to have some psychic ability, and this aspect of the film hearkens back to "Exorcist II: The Heretic". I think "Witchery" is up there with "The Exorcist", "Exorcist II", "Hell Night", and "Summer of Fear" as Blair's best genre work to date.

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