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Jason Momoa as Connor
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Reviewed by zeroduber 9 / 10

Honest review

Hi, this is my review for David Hayter's Wolves movie.

First I want to apologies for advance for any mistake you find; I am not an English speaker. Now, let's get to business, I'm doing this for the different kind of viewers, the curious people, the fans of the genre (you know, vampires, wolves, Supernatural, Buffy, Anne Rice, kind of genre) and the maybe negative/ skeptical people.

By saying this is obviously I too am a fan of this series and books, so I know what people like to feel and watch when seen a movie that have supernatural beings. The movie is about a teenage boy who just discovered he is a werewolf, yes I know what are you thinking, more of Twilight crap, teenage lovers, perfect life, fall in love, etc. etc. but nope, because everything turns upside down as death and desolation came to the life of Lucas Till () until a estrange character does a really weird talk to him and makes him go to and even weirder small town full of people that don't like the poor teenage werewolf and things get very interesting a cooler.

The movie has a very easy to understand narration, with a nice speed, and doesn't exaggerate nor waste any time trying to explain the wolves transformation or the supernatural forces behind the werewolf experience, instead it makes the viewer enjoy the experience of being a lupine, the speed, the force, enhance abilities which is something no many movies even bother to do and just portrait it as something tragic or negative as a course, whether is a vampire or wolf is practically the same result.

So you get the teenage that by the way is pretty much mature and wiser kind of boy, who is forced to do this transition of boy to man/wolf to defend himself and the people he loves, and also balance his personal life with all the scenarios that a teenage may live, and yes that include sex, very ferocious, aggressive and hairy sex.

About the actors and their rolls, all of them make an perfect believable non stereotypic characters which I personally enjoy very much, Lucas Till was excellent, not only did make maybe the best teenage werewolf of any movie but David Hayter's work as a director was really make me want to see more of his work for future projects, Jasom Mamoa was a force to be feared most of the time, he really pushed the other characters and made them fear him Merritt Patterson and Stephen McHattie played a great complement and pretty much all of them make a mayor roll that is like a big circle that creates a very intelligent narration with a very welcome twist at the near end.

This movie has a lot of lovely moments, great characters, with very interesting backgrounds that actually make me wanted to know more about them, the story is a very good and enjoyable adventure, that opens the path to a second movie and maybe a TV series which I think know is be the perfect moment, even a prequel with Mamoa character past would be great.

I think this is one of David Hayter finest works, which really put him in the level of great movie directors; I am really waiting for his next move.

Reviewed by datum999 7 / 10

I liked it for what it was, a low budget but well made movie.

You know what your getting from this, which is basically a teen wolf movie. As stated the acting isn't going to win an Oscar, but it decent enough for the budget and script given. The wolves are by far the best part. They are well made and aren't low budget at all, very good FX department. I would say you want a werewolf movie for the sake of that kind of movie then check this out. Jason plays his character well for this movie, not overly scary but you sure wont love him either. I would like to see a sequel to this that explain the history of the main blood lines and goes into that more. They can recast for that with no issues plot wise, which makes it an excellent jumping off point.

Reviewed by aussiefox 6 / 10

Low Budget Werewolf Flick that Entertained.

Looking for blockbuster CG effects? this ain't it. Your sure to be disappointed. However if your looking for something better then reality TV and Sharknado? Then this is a well done little movie, with some decent talent, although i wouldn't say the dialog or acting is Oscar worthy, The movie entertained me, i enjoyed it and most of the time that is exactly what i ask of my movies, allow me to escape to forget about my worries and dramas and enjoy some entertainment.

Looking for a decent quality movie without the hype? this is it. Some decent plot twists, kept me engrossed throughout. I would recommend it for ages over 10. Biggest surprise i can't recall any f bombs ... hmmm maybe i'm just desensitized to it these days.

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