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Lauren Bacall as Elizabeth Burns
Fred MacMurray as Sid Burns
Billie Bird as Woman in Bargain Basement
June Allyson as Katie Baxter
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Neil Doyle 6 / 10

When CinemaScope was new...

Watching how the actors are strategically placed on screen while performing their chores in WOMAN'S WORLD made me recall how seldom close-ups were used when CinemaScope was new. Instead, medium shots are used almost extensively so that the screen is filled by someone standing far left and the other far right. Occasionally the camera does move in a little closer for an over the shoulder shot, but it's obvious that CinemaScope was new and lensing a film in Wide Screen was not an easy matter.

The performances are all interesting, with LAUREN BACALL and ARLENE DAHL coming off best, while JUNE ALLYSON is forced to play a klutzy housewife with too many slip-ups to be tolerable. CLIFTON WEBB is the auto executive who wants to examine the wives of men he's considering for a top job at his auto plant. The men are well played by VAN HEFLIN, CORNEL WILDE and FRED MacMURRAY.

If you liked films like EXECUTIVE SUITE, all about climbing the corporate ladder, you'll enjoy this one--and furthermore it has sumptuous settings enhanced by color photography. Women will enjoy all the costumes and men will stay tuned to see which man Webb chooses for his open executive job.

Witty dialogue helps with Lauren Bacall handling her lines with the kind of skill she always brought to these kind of roles. Arlene Dahl shows a little more skill than usual as an actress with a strong confrontational scene with Webb.

Worth a look, but don't expect anything deep.

Reviewed by ryancm 10 / 10

Wonderfully entertaining

WOMANS'S WORLD cries out for a DVD transfer. When will it be? It has everything a Fox film of the 50's had. CinemaScope, color, stereo sound, all star cast, New York settings and a sensational musical score. The seven stars really shine here. Clifton Webb is .. well Clifton Webb and does his Clifton Web to the hilt. The men Cornel Wilde; Fred MacMurray and Van Heflin couldn't be better. The women are even better. Lauren Bacall is her usual sophisticated self and is at her best, even better than in HOW TO MARRY A MILLIONAIRE. June Allyson is a delight as the not-so-in with it wife, and Arlene Dahl steals the show with her red hair and ample figure. Although I think Marilyn Monroe would have really excelled in the role as well. The plot line is fun and quite exciting as to who will be the new general manager of a car company. Who gets the job and why is a nice twist. So come on Fox, get this on DVD...NOW.

Reviewed by smithy-8 10 / 10

Corporate World Takes Notice of Managers' Wives

In the 1950's, there were three excellent movies about the corporate world: "Executive Suite" (1954), "Woman's World" (1954), and "Patterns" (1956). June Allyson was lucky to be in the first two movies. "Executive Suite" - a heavy drama about replacing the deceased CEO; and in "Woman's World" - a serious comedy about replacing the general manager. What all three movies have in common, is that they are perfectly cast.

In "Woman's World", the concern is picking the right man with the right wife for the job. Of the three movies mentioned, this is my favorite movie about the corporate world. It's been fifty years since these movies have been made and no current movie has come close to portraying the business world. Back then when there was censorship, the movie world was still able to make good movies about the business world. There should be no excuse why writers can't make movies like they did years ago. Only on television, they did succeed and make the TV movie, "Barbarians at the Gate" (1993).

There are three separate stories about three couples being considered for the job. All three couples were perfectly cast, however, they never worked as couples again. They should have! Of the three couples, my favorite were Van Heflin and Arlene Dahl, portraying a married couple from Texas. They were a great team! Arlene Dahl complimented Van Heflin and Clifton Webb.

While Clifton Webb, the CEO of the automobile company, was looking for the next general manager, he was at his most attractive and authoritative best. Rounding out the cast, the next two big roles were played by Elliott Reid, playing the nephew, and by Margalo Gillmore, as the sister-in-law. They were never better!

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