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C. Thomas Howell as George 'Shorty' White
Sean Astin as Hank
Jon Voight as Paul Bryant
Brando Eaton as Mike Morton
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by superdan04 3 / 10

Why does this have such great reviews?

Where do i start?... i've never been this disappointed to a movie before. I expected greatness and have waited a long time to see it, but the plot and simple the whole movie is garbage.

I didn't feel the people in this movie,simple there was to much 'Jesus and oh lord' and to little football, which i wanted to see.

This movie could've been on the same level as remember the titans, but it all fell hard to the ground.. sad!

I stopped the movie with around 45 minutes left, because i really couldn't watch it anymore..

I hope those religious people out there might enjoy it tho, but for my taste, there was to much praying..

Reviewed by Philipp Bu 3 / 10

This is a Christian propaganda movie...you should at least know that

I love sport movies and therefore i was looking forward to that movie, that i didn't hear anything about. Well, i don't wanna summarize too much, i just wanted to tell you, that you get the message pretty soon: Believe in Jesus and you can achieve anything. Well...nice to know, but do i need to get that message in every minute of that movie? What the fu** is the "jesusrevolution" that gets the fattest credit I've ever seen? Do i really need i character that says:"this city is a wonder, so much, i want to get baptized". I mean really? That direct in your face? For me this is bad writing.

However, i'm Christian myself, but i really do hate that assimilation thing some religions do.

The movie gets one point for the main character, one for some nice sport sequences (although they in fact repeat themselves over and over again) and a third point for being a sport movie.

Anyone not living in the bible belt or having a radical Christian attitude should be warned, it is really a pathetic piece of propaganda.

Reviewed by tavm 7 / 10

Woodlawn is quite an inspirational real-life high school football drama

While there is a Woodlawn High School in my town of Baton Rouge, LA, this one is about a Woodlawn in Birmingham, AL, that seemed in danger of closing because of the racial incidents that happened when it was integrated in the early '70s. The coach employs a motivational speaker-played by Sean Astin-to help heal whatever issues the school football players had with each other and it seems to do the trick, especially when one of the black players-Tony Nathan-suddenly becomes very valuable to the team. I'll stop there and just say this is quite an inspirational true-life drama to watch in light of recent racial strife we seem to be going through right now. Oh, and I also liked Jon Voight's playing of legendary Alabama coach Paul "Bear" Bryant, as well. So on that note, I recommend Woodlawn.

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