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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 22%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 65%
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David Bowie as The Shark
John Cleese as Harvey 'Blind' Pew
Madeline Kahn as Betty
Marty Feldman as Gilbert
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ccluff1974 7 / 10

Yellow beard is worth a look.

I watched this as a kid and it made an impression on me. So much so that I just had to watch it again last week. I was not as disappointed as I was with other movie repeats from my childhood(Popeye comes to mind). Sure things were a bit sketchy and straight up silly at times but it was a fun movie. And of course if you are a Cheech and Chong fan they have a small part too.It ranks up there in the top of my favorite swashbuckling pirate flicks (behind Pirates of the Caribbean) I think it is a classic. "Stagger, Stagger, Crawl,Crawl" will be forever ingrained in the movie quote cache of my brain!(right up there with "Charlie don't surf!")

Reviewed by Hugh G. Rection (ElKabong-3) 8 / 10

generic rant from a fat middle-age white boy

A comedic romp featuring many of the old cast from Monty Python. in addition, Peter Cook of Beyond The Fringe fame. The film is not for the serious. A farce about a pirate and his treasure with his former first mate and the British Empire seeking to relieve him of it. Peter Cook steals the show with a fine portrayal of a clueless boozer who has a good heart and tries it really hard. I've been trying forever to find the film on DVD without success. Marty Feldman also has a fine role in the moviea and Cheech and Chong appear in secondary roles with humorous results. Graham Chapman stars as the title character with Eric Idle playing the Queen's representative from the Royal Navy.

Reviewed by anderbilt 9 / 10

outstandingly funny

It is so tempting to write a letter full of spoilers since the movie is 23 years old, but I'll refrain because fresh eyes should see this movie and decide for themselves whether or not it works as a comedy. I absolutely loved the movie, and greatly enjoyed the talents of four or five different comedy ensembles being blended together for this movie. It didn't work 100 percent of course, but I'd say most of it worked just fine. If Peter Cook's first scene in the film doesn't have you spitting pop through your nose, check your pulse. My nose still tingles thinking about it. I note the many times that Cheech and Chong are singled out in this comment thread for being different or least funny of the cast. Cheech and Chong movies weren't everyone's cup of tea, but as a longtime C&C fan, I found their work in 'Yellowbeard' to be as good as anything else they've ever done. Except for 'The Corsican Brothers' of course.

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