You're Not You


Action / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 40%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 66%
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Emmy Rossum as Bec
Ali Larter as Keely
Marcia Gay Harden as Elizabeth
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Jay smith 10 / 10

5-Star Movie

First of all to the person that wrote the review that it was a 4.7 chick flick! I really don't believe you even saw the movie or you could not have written what you did!!!

This was a fantastic, very well done deeply gratifying movie! The STARS played their parts very well! And yes I am a guy! I could not have asked for anything better! ALS is a very debilitating disease and this shows what people who live with it everyday has to go through!Not only the patient, but also the surrounding people! This movie portrays the life they go through very well! You won't be disappointed if you see this movie!

Jay Smith, New Jersey

Reviewed by CrommyGirl 8 / 10

Warning: This is absolutely brilliant but be prepared, it'll make you cry your eyes out..

I don't mean any disrespect to anyone but to be honest, when I settled down to watch this film, neither did I expect it to be this good, nor had any idea what a moving and poignant experience it would turn out to be so I was completely caught off guard when it made the tears pour from my eyes uncontrollably so this is your warning: Keep a box of tissues within easy reach because you'll definitely need it (Yes, the whole box :).. What I loved about this movie the most is Hilary Swank's and Emmy Rossum's exquisite performances which made every emotion experienced throughout the movie feel truly genuine, without being the least bit cheap or unpleasant.. Also, plenty of cheerful, happy, wonderful scenes manage to keep you smiling, too, while tears roll down your cheeks, simply amazing.. If you're someone who still hasn't heard of or doesn't know anything about ALS and decide to watch this film, with her excellent performance as an ALS-stricken pianist, Hilary Swank will make sure you now know about this devastating disease and want to learn about it even more after you're done watching the film and you'll be even more fascinated by her performance when you realise how accurate her depiction of the symptoms is.. Although Emmy Rossum's character, Bec -a college drop-out, full-time assistant to Hilary Swank's Kate- felt quite a bit as if she walked right off the Shameless set onto this one, she was nevertheless absolutely brilliant, and even gave us a really wonderful surprise at the end (Make sure you keep watching when the closing credits start to roll..You're in for a really pleasant treat ;).. Not having seen him in many things, Josh Duhamel also surprised me with his noticeable performance as Kate's "a little impatient and helpless at first, then comes to his senses" husband, gave me the impression I'll enjoy seeing him in movies more and more.. If you don't mind watching films through your tears, while feeling multiple emotions at the same time, then I'd really recommend this film. A truly rewarding experience, really worth your while, with plenty to learn from..

Reviewed by anushkalovell 8 / 10


This movie brought me to tears.

Our mother does not have ALS but very similar symptoms and she can not eat orally and has no skull bone in one part of her head, but to anyone suffering or caring for a loved one with ALS or does not understand the gravity of ALS, this movie is a must see.

This movies educates people, to some extent, about ALS and its destructiveness but also the hardships of caring for an individual with a crippling disease and what you can do to help an individual through music or swimming or just trying to do normal things like go out.

Brilliant acting on the path of both Hilary Swank and Emmy Rossum.

It's been a long time since I saw a movie that has moved me, the way this one did.

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