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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by VelvetOctopusProductions 6 / 10

Really not as bad as you may think

'Zambezia', the new south African animated film is an obvious low budget animated feature, you wont see any ads on TV, and the animation looks 10 years old, but that's no reason to straight away hate on Zambezia, it's not one of those dubbed foreign trashy animated movies which have no single thing put into them apart from making money. Zambezia has a story, a plot, good characters. When it wants you to take it seriously you will take it seriously. When it wants you to laugh you will not be sitting there rolling your eyes.

The movie is another one of those typical 'parent letting go of child' kind of animated movies, which is possibly the most cliché type of character development seen in any kids movie. But I guess there's good reason for the situation, it just doesn't have it thrown in to make a plot (hint hint Ice Age 4). But I thought the characters were good, not really that deep, but good, nothing to really complain about.

The movie has a nice soundtrack, and I thought the visuals of the landscape were absolutely brilliant. The humour isn't bad, with a lot of jokes that hit. Nothing laugh out loud funny of course, but still much better than the humour in 'Ice Age 4'.

There are some obvious similaries to 'Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole' and possibly the movie was made with the intention to 'duel' Rio, but it still has originality, the bad guy for one, is new, and intimidating enough to be a good villain.

Zambezia is a perfectly good movie for kids and adults, there's nothing wrong with it at all really, and it actually kind of surprised me. I think this movie takes much more risks than 'Ice Age 4', 'Rio', and many other current animated films.

Go and see it, have a good time.

Reviewed by Tomas Nordendorf 10 / 10

Great movie, need to watch!

This movie is truly inspiring.

it has flown straight into me, I will buy this movie as soon as it comes out. No doubt about it.

it's story is so amazing and the movie itself is great also loves the music even thou it gets a bit the same, but its great and probably placed.

I can highly recommend watching this multiple times, simply bcz it makes you think over it, and you can easily see its message.

Like I see one of the points with the Malibu's's.

"You should not hate them of a crime they have done or because they are not in your liking." Or it can be put into the meaning of we cannot call ourself peacefully country's when almost every country is doing some kind of discrimination or hate, war, bad things. First when we accept everyone as they are and we do not forge war anymore first THEN we can call ourself peacefully nations.

Just truly an amazing movies with so many perspectives that you would not dream around when you first hear it.

This movie has made me think which I think is greatly done


Reviewed by izakvh 8 / 10

My 8 year-old daughter loved it

It is easy to spot a good animated kids movie: Kids will sit on the edge of their chairs, and parents will stay awake throughout and be reasonably engaged. This one ticked both boxes.

Leonard Nimoy, Samuel L & Jeff Godblum created believable characters, but the Ezee character came over as a bit of a cliche. The animation was done well and could easily rival a movie like Rio.

This is miles better than the previous animated attempts from South Africa, but unfortunately its very difficult to create an animated blockbuster if you don't have the budget of a Sony, Pixar, Dreamworks or Disney.

Pleasant hour and a bit overall.

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