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Corey Feldman as Dr. Jamison
Malcolm McDowell as Dr. Soulis
Sid Haig as The Commander
Lew Temple as Aldous Huxley
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by William_Henry_Pratt 1 / 10


What a shame. To actually have the gall to present this 'film' to a viewing audience. The democratization of filmmaking is just presenting more and more people that have absolutely no idea to the proper structure of narrative storytelling. This film looks like the editor plopped all the footage into a blender and hit 'high'. Nothing makes sense and I didn't have a clue as to who anyone was or what was going on. I realize that filmmakers like to be innovative and that to me is very welcomed as a viewer, but the narrative structure has to be coherent. If you don't have decent structure and very well defined characters all you'll have is, well… this 'movie'. It's very clear from this presentation that the director, writer, cinematographer, and editor had no idea what they were doing. Projects like this are killing horror films.

Total trashology. Don't waste any more of your time even reading this review.

Reviewed by buffyd1 1 / 10

Zombex carries a lot of talent within its pages...

I love horror movies, I have always loved them even as a tender little girl I fell in love with the monster of Frankenstein. Zombies are my deepest loves for they are the true mirror reflection of our selves as we bring on the apocalypse. So Zombex, with its noble cast of characters, could be so enriching and fun for the world to see. I watched with my husband for "date nite" and boy were we surprised! We sat eyes wide open and sometimes shut (with hand holding head as increduleousness swept through our minds, forcing us to shake our heads to deliver ourselves from the fumagting toxic fog of the osurdity emanating from the television). One scene is cropped so that you cannot see the main actors (of interest) speaking in the backgrownd. The scenes seem to be inspired from moment to moment and one wonders if there is an actual scipt somewhere in the woods. As reference for general understanding of perspectives, this is one to be watched.

Reviewed by Flow 4 / 10

Scale of 1 to ten -> 3.8 ,quite a shame too...

Well, I had quite some low expectations from this one, but after about 10 minutes, they raise, actually starting to enjoy it, wanting more, it seemed better than average. Sadly, after 40 minutes, it all rolls down the hill, deep down, probably it's when they stopped trying...

OK, Zombex: the effects are really cheap, I mean all the head shots and guns firing, CGI, weak ones too, the dialogue was acceptable in the first half, quite natural I might say, the story, absolutely nothing new but then again it is a zombie movie, and some half decent characters. Quite a contrast here, cause again, the first 40 minutes, pretty much everyone embraced logic and took normal decisions, after that, they all act like they are indeed part of a zombie movie...dumb dumb and dumb. The ending didn't do much either, quite sad, quite pointless, like a journey that started promising and ending just because it was time. Brought nothing new whatsoever.

Therefore, I rated it 4, almost average zombiefest, but not quite there. Would I recommend such a thing? Nope, not even the cast can save this one. But then again if you are a zombie maniac, you might enjoy it, still, ALMOST average zombex!


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