Zombie Night


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 1 / 10

A zombie night that was no delight

Zombie Night was always going to be one of those movies that people shouldn't expect that much from, but even when judging it for what it is you do want evidence of some sort of fun. You don't get that with Zombie Night, instead you get a complete failure on all levels with unintentional humour that gets more increasingly frustrating than anything else. The best thing about the movie is the make-up for the zombies, even when the least amateurish asset it still wasn't that good. With the rest of the production values you could tell that Zombie Night was made in a rush- especially in the editing- and with little signs of care or love. The dialogue is vomit-inducing in how inane it is, the timing is also sloppy and the line delivery flat. It does provide some unintentional humour to begin with but very quickly hearing so many what the...? gets frustrating, plus it does get needlessly convoluted at times. There is no real narrative to speak of, what there is shows lots of predictability, endless ridiculously dumb moments(the bunker and cemetery scenes for examples), no signs of life and the thrills, fun and horror elements are so empty and scrappily done with no signs of surprise that they feel non-existent. The less said about the dull and abrupt ending the better too. The characters are either irritating(Nana) or infuriatingly stupid(Karen), at no point do we root for them and their actions are so stupid beyond belief makes them even less likable. If there are any characters we do root for it is the zombies, unfortunately that is not saying much as they are under-utilised and personality-less. The actors don't or can't do anything with their characters or dialogue, very amateurish. It is ironic that the Oscar Winner Shirley Jones ties with Jennifer Taylor as the worst acting performance in the movie, and Anthony Michael Hall and Daryl Hannah are pretty much wasted. In conclusion, if you want any delights with Zombie Night you will be disappointed. It is not quite as bad as the abysmal Vampegeddon(doubt that many people have seen it and for good reason) but there is a big emphasis on the quite. 1/10 Bethany Cox

Reviewed by cmiyamoto 1 / 10


This is probably not a valid review because I turned off the movie after the first 15 minutes, it was so awful. Reading some of the advance reviews, I thought it might have a chance, but no.

Then I thought, a movie with Shirley Jones can't be all that bad, right? But all I saw was a hysterical Nana character screaming and being hysterical.

The exploding car at the start. What's with that? What caused it to explode? And how come they conveniently (for the film makers, apparently) were right next to a cemetery? I know, I know ... for the zombies to arise from their graves.

I couldn't see subjecting myself to two hours of people trapped in a house, waiting for the dawn, screaming and fighting with each other. If I wanted that, I'd just have to remember when my kids were small and fighting on a rainy day.

Nope, I changed the channel.

Reviewed by Tommy Bennett 1 / 10

Zombie Trite

Wow. I can't think of a less entertaining zombie flick in my experience, in my entire life. The writing was the biggest tragedy of all. There were far too many bad lines for any one movie. Every scene with any potential was annihilated by at least one remark of absolutely ludicrous proportion. The responses to said remarks were more often than not, even worse.

When you start rooting for the monsters and couldn't care less if any - and I mean ANY - of the characters survive, you have lost entertainment value. The three famous actors brought on board, Anthony Michael Hall, Darryl Hannah, and Shirley Jones, left us no doubt as to why their careers fell into oblivion long ago. They really weren't any good at even one scene between them. Bills gotta get paid, I guess...

I was looking forward to something better given 2011's way more exciting and better written, ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE. Hopefully Syfy Channel can come up with a few more dollars again in future, and hire actual screenwriters.

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