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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by James Wright 4 / 10

Fast Wasps

There is a temptation to compare this to Sharknado in the whole 'so lame that it is cool' category of terrible movies. The problem is that while Sharknado utilises a stupid concept to make a movie that is pure trash but also pure awesome, Zoombies is mostly the trash part with very little awesome.

There are clear comparisons to Jurassic World, but where that movie's shaky plot is made up for by big budget effects, cool set pieces and Chris Pratt, this movie has none of these, so it is just mostly rubbish.

Sure there are some laughs at seeing actors pretend they are sitting on elephants and hanging from a rope (seriously how hard is it to actually shoot actors hanging from a rope - just put them on a rope a couple of feet above the ground), but overall it is far more cringe than amusement. Possibly good for a laugh if you are tired of all the other 'so lame it's cool' movies out there, but really this one is the pits.

Reviewed by gerry barnaby Film Reviewer 1 / 10

Cheap tacky C.G.I & visual effect what do you expect from asylum

Likes : I really don't know how to say this film is shockingly bad , the only two thing i can say that is good, it that its not your typical human zombie film's that have been done to death, which is a plus side in the concept of it being zombie animals. The thing is the acting is some what bearable at time so it does have though two things working for it , but sadly its not enough to stop this film being seriously bad.

Dislikes : Where do i start, there are so many thing bad about this film is shocking these film ever make it to DVD, the c.g.i is so poor & cheap looking it look fake & the scene with the gorilla some of it is bad C.G.I & half of it looks like a guy in a cheesy costume shop gorilla suit that so fake it just make this film even worst. There is a few seen where the dialogue is really bad along with its cuts scene it like this film has been made by an amateur but this is what you should expect from asylum pictures cheap, fake looking movies that end up being shown on syfy channel with all the other poor film's. Unless your a fan of asylum film i would avoid this trash.

These people that make this low budget film's on a low budget should not use C.G.I its cheap & tacky on screen it look fake, on these budget animatronic should be use only because it look better with a low budget than force a poorly made C.G.I effect film because it looks bad.

Reviewed by ghstwolf62 1 / 10

Atrocious, poorly acted and generally stupid

*******DOES CONTAIN SPOILERS, LOTS***************

Wow, there just aren't words to describe it. Awful, ridiculous, ludicrous are probably some to start with.

First of all the cause of the zombie animals is epinephrine.


So a doc has a monkey in full arrest and administers inter-cardiac epi which turns it into the first of the zoombies.


Don't even know where to start with that.

The acting is more of a caricature than anything real. Wooden. And the kid is creepy through a fair amount of the movie with that Stepford smile.

I won't even get into the two-way commercial radios they are supposedly using actually being cheap Chinese Ham radios which in the movie just happen to be on the police SWAT frequency as well as tied into the cellular phone network when they would actually be on a licensed business band freq. Not to mention they seem to be full duplex vox since no one ever presses the transmit button to talk.

All pretty much impossible. (Some cell interconnection on digital systems is possible but this ain't it)

I love how the security guy says they don't have cameras set up to see what's going on anywhere at the lab complex yet when they arrive at the lab there are cameras friggin everywhere and they are used throughout the rest of the film to see what's going on.

Got to love five lions surrounding the group less than a foot away ready to shred them to bits and eat them yet they manage to get into the jeep and get away just fine.

I could go on but it gets worse with the ending, with the mother killing the only friend that her little girl has in the world, the gorilla.

Really a waste of time to watch, sorry I spent 1 1/2 hours on it.

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